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Post sale service is a critical part of a successful pressure seal system. InfoSeal provides "First Call" service on all the machines that we offer.

Our phone support technicians are available toll-free from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time five days a week. If we cannot solve the support issue over the phone, we provide next business day on-site support nationwide. Same day premium level service is available in some cities.

We encourage our resellers and end-users to read the FAQ document available on this website. Many service and support issues are addressed in this document. We have found that many support issues can be solved with over-the-phone assistance.

The InfoSeal Service support procedure is as follows:

  1. End users call the toll free Service support line.
  2. Our phone support technicians will diagnose the problem and attempt to resolve the issue or at least improve the condition to a level where the end-user can complete their document run. We maintain working models of all our folder sealers for our phone support technicians to use while troubleshooting the incident over the phone. Our technicians typically categorize the issue as related to one of the following:

    a) Laser or impact printer issue prior to folder sealer processing
    b) Forms related issue (please read the InfoSealPS FAQ for common forms related issues)
    c) Folder sealer mechanical issue
    d) Operator training issue
    e) Some combination of the above (very common)

  3. An onsite support visit will be dispatched on a minimum next business day response time.
  4. The nature of the problem will dictate further efforts following the on-site support call. Final resolution of the problem is certified with a written closing report to the InfoSeal technician support staff by the field technician.
  5. InfoSeal notifies the reseller with a summary of the resolution.

A successful pressure seal system is a combination of proper operator training, top-quality forms and a robust, well-made folder sealer. Mission critical applications such as payroll and invoicing demand problem-free processing. Choosing a turnkey system from InfoSeal will avoid finger pointing that sometime occurs with sourcing equipment, forms and post-sale service from different vendors.

InfoSeal is pressure seal. One Call... One Source... Nationwide!

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