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About Us

InfoSeal LLC is a printing and self mailer specialist company that offers its products in partnership with resellers across North America. In August of 2009 InfoSeal became the U.S. distributor of the Welltec brand of pressure seal machines.

Pressure seal forms and systems are a CORE product for InfoSeal. We have many years of experience in manufacturing stock and custom pressure seal products. Visit our primary website at and you will find a pressure seal form solution to meet any requirement.

InfoSeal offers all three of the important features found in a successful pressure seal system.

  • Pressure Seal Equipment - Our machines will run any brand of pressure seal form (naturally for best success we recommend our forms!) Over fifteen models to choose from plus accessories to meet any requirement you may have: Small, quiet desktop models are perfect for office environments; Heavier duty mid-range models; High volume production models. Our extensive range of machines is focused on providing reliable long-term performance.
  • Pressure Seal Forms - The forms we manufacture (we produce our pressure seal forms we do not purchase and resell) will run on any brand of pressure seal machine. Over 60 stock off-the-shelf formats to fill any application in payroll, billing and statement rendering, direct mail or any other requirement. We also offer a wide range of pressure seal forms with unique features such as ID cards, labels, window die cuts, pull tabs, scratch off and others.
  • Nationwide post sale service/ Our own support staff not a third party - We are a pressure seal forms manufacturer; therefore, our equipment support technicians understand the sometimes unique aspects of a pressure seal system. We directly provide first-call support and onsite service for the pressure seal form and machine.... no other company in the market does this. Third party service networks can lead to finger pointing. Is there a form issue? A machine issue? Lack of operator training? Don't risk delays in processing your mission critical documents!

If you are a reseller visiting our site, please contact us for information and support. If you are an end user looking for info related to a new or existing pressure seal system, please contact us. We will place you in touch with a trained reseller company in your area.

“We are proud of the expertise of our pressure seal staff and the wide range of products that we offer. There is nothing related to pressure seal that we don’t offer a solution for. If you are looking for information on a new or existing pressure seal system, you owe it to yourself to contact us. You will see why InfoSeal is the form the future will take.

Andrew Harnett, Partner, InfoSeal LLC

This site and its content are owned by InfoSeal LLC. InfoSeal is the U.S. distributor of the Welltec brand of pressure seal machines.

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